Reload Gen 2 Shipping Update


The Reloads will start shipping from tomorrow.


We couldn't finish the anodizing process in time for the parts to arrive early next week so unfortunately there will be one more week delay. All pre-orders should be on the way by the 18th/21st the latest. On a positive note, Royal Mail / USPS is very quick lately, orders are arriving to the US within 1 week. 


The new parts should arrive around the 8th of August. 


We have received the first shipment of Reloads, but I regret to inform you that it failed the quality control. The threads are incorrectly sized on the majority of the pots and it's not as smooth as it should be and promised.

I deeply apologize for this inconvenience, but the only way to address the issue is by manufacturing new parts, which will take approximately 4 weeks to complete - the manufacturing team has already started working on them. A few orders were already sent out, if yours was among those, rest assured that we will ship the new parts to you as soon as possible.

I understand that this wait might be very disappointing, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. At MAD Heaters my ultimate goal is to deliver a product that you'll be 100% happy with – a perfect Reload that meets your expectations.

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