Reload Gen 2 Manual

Magnetic Cap Opener

Utilize our extra strong magnet to cool or open the hot cap of your Tempest or Anvil. An extra Tempest opening tool can be found underneath the lid, ensuring a more secure connection if needed.


Slide your Captive or Armored Cap into either side of the lid's rail and pull out the Tip to decap it.

Using the CCD tool

Preparing the CCD

The adjustable platform can set the CCD anywhere between the half-and full-bowl settings on all Adjust-a-Bowl tips. For the half-bowl setting screw out the platform about half-turn. Straighten the CCD by rolling the Reload over it and place it onto the concave dock.

Click and shape

Insert the Tip fully until you feel a noticeable click indicating that the CCD is in place, then push it slightly with your condenser to make it concave for a secure installation. Check the result and you are all set!