Tempest Manual


Clean the parts thoroughly following the guide in the next section. Make sure that the ball retaining screen is securely installed within the cap.


Soak every part in a cleaning solution (including isopropyl alcohol) for at least 1 hour using a zip-lock bag and shake it periodically for a thorough clean. Drain the solution, rinse the parts with hot water and dry completely before reassembling. For a quick clean, dampen a paper towel with cleaning solution and 'twist off' the spiral. To clean the remaining parts, use q-tips. Hold the Radiator sleeve by the air hole when removing the bowl. The cap generally doesn't require frequent cleaning. Do not soak the wood sleeve in a cleaning agent. Only clean the metal liner with a q-tip or pipe cleaner. Apply a small amount of wood wax regularly to avoid cracking and improve the color.


How to use the Tempest

1. Unscrew the cap and fill the bowl by pushing it into your ground material or using the hoover method. It's important to keep the threads clean and ensure good airflow, only light tamping is recommended.
2. Screw the cap on gently until it is fully closed and start the heating process using a double / triple jet torch or a compatible induction heater (IH) for the best results.
3. While heating with a torch, hold the tip of the flame about 1 cm (1/3 in) away from the cap. Keep an eye on the visual indicator and slowly rotate the device for even heat distribution. The indicators respond in relation to the location where you heat the cap, use the ring markings as reference points; the default calibration is set between the two rings. To pre-heat the bowl, focus your heating slightly closer to it, but be prepared for a small delay in the indicators. For a more pronounced initial flavor, move in the opposite direction and expect early indicators. When using an IH, set the timer function or listen for the clicks. To change the heating location, adjust the insertion depth on the IH. 
4. Once the desired temperature is reached, place your finger over the air hole to manually regulate the airflow and take one long or multiple shorter draws. Store the device in a safe place, as the cap retains significant heat for a few minutes.


Use the leather case, the Reload's magnet or the tool on the underside of it's lid (Gen 2 only) to securely hold the hot cap and twist it off to open. You can use the case for storage, even if the cap is still hot. Instead of pulling, tilt the device to remove from the magnet.


In OPEN or BYPASS mode, you can regulate the maximum fresh air intake into the stem by adjusting the Airpath Control Dial. Additionally, you can change the airflow on the cap by squeezing the induction layer slightly at a specific point and rotating the air slots in relation to the three visual indicator lines.


Move the o-ring to the relevant position.
Spinning mode (S)   Locked mode (L)


To install the SCU for additional cooling, remove the o-ring from the spinning position (S), push the SCU into the tube, then replace the o-ring to hold it in place. If you would like to install the SCU and lock the spinning mouthpiece at the same time, use a second small o-ring (5x1mm) in the locking position (L).





HELIX Tube - for cooling

OPEN Air enters through the air hole (1) and flows through the center of the cooling unit (2) where it mixes with the vapor. It then travels over the helix (3) and finally reaches the mouthpiece (4).

BYPASS The air intake at the air hole (1) is directed straight to the mouthpiece (4) for a refreshing burst of cool air that bypasses the cooling helix (3) entirely. Meanwhile the vapor flows through the helix (3).

CLOSED By closing the air hole (1), fresh air intake is prevented which is ideal for mouth-to-lung use. This configuration promotes denser clouds while ensuring a satisfactory level of cooling through the helix (3). 

DIRECT Tube - for flavor and water pipe

DIRECT OPEN The air intake at the air hole (1) is directed towards the mouthpiece (4), providing a refreshing burst of fresh air. Meanwhile, the vapor follows the central pathway (2) and combines with the air at the air hole (1).

DIRECT BYPASS Fresh air is drawn through the air hole (1) and routed around the helix (3), where it mixes with the vapor. The combined mixture then proceeds through the center (2) of the device and the mouthpiece (4).

DIRECT CLOSED The air hole is closed (1) to create a warm and flavorful vapor experience, providing a direct vapor path through the center (2) and mouthpeiece (4). This setup is ideal for mouth-to-lung and waterpiece use.



Size: 122mm x 14mm / 4.8in x 0.55in Weight: ~ 36g / 1.25oz

Materials: Titanium, Stainless Steel indicator housing, outer cap layer, screens, POM mouthpiece bearing,

FKM silicone ISO safe o-rings (•5x1 6x1 •7x1) and optional ball material within the thermal matrix.

Indicator Range: Visual ~ 100°C - 240°C / 215°F - 465°F | 1st Click ~ 170°C / 320°F | 2nd Click ~ 210°C / 390°F