Reload Gen 2

Color: Brushed Silver

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An all in one aluminium storage and tool solution designed for Tempest, Dynavap, Anvil, Danivape users.

  • 3 airtight containers
  • Built-in Decapper for the standard Cap and Armored Cap.
  • Cooling Magnet (compatible with Dynavap Caps, Anvil and Tempest)
  • Adjustable CCD inserter
  • ABV container with removable multipurpose Debowler
  • Tamper on the bottom of the pots

98mm x 37mm , 85gr with 3 pots. 
73.5mm x 37mm , 69gr without Mini Pot. 

Bottom Pot - 28ml, fits approx. 3g ground material.
Mini Pot - 20ml, fits approx. 2g ground material.
ABV Pot - 28ml

Customer Reviews

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Retroactively mandatory

Can't believe how streamlined this makes the workflow of the DV-style family of vapes. Replaces multiple bits of kit. Superlative product.

Perfect accessory

Do you need it? Nah. Can you cover a rolling tray in accessories that, combined, will do the same thing while taking up a heap more space? Yeah. But the magic of the Reload is that it's your all-in-one Swiss Army Knife for all your Thermal Extraction Devices and it's tiny. Comes in a sweet selection of colours too.

Buy it now!

This makes my vaping session so much better! I no longer burn my fingers when de-bowling!

Crazy convenient

I don’t know why this simple container/accessory is such a game changer, but it’s just such a convenient addition.

Reload Gen 2 Silver (and gifts:)

So I had my Reload now for a few good months and really it's clear why so many folks love this thing. Having a portable debowler is one thing, but having the possibility of carrying two additional strains and all the other features like decapper, the screen setter and removable poker is just awesome. This thing is so well made, the screws are just smooth, especially if you wax them slightly once in a while.
I tried a little 3D printed debowler before buying the reload and as expected it was nowhere near this here. Being able to properly clean it, and not worrying to get any of this PET (or whatever 3D printers use) possibly melted into the inside of your tip, is an additional ease of mind – just the build and material quality is a big plus.

Along my order I received an additional kind of beta version of the new wooden stems, and it's just beautiful. Thanks for that one:)

Well there isn't much else to be said, the product speaks for itself. If your lurking here and reading all of the reviews, still doubting to buy it or not: I can only give you my go! Every doubt will disappear once getting into the comfort of having all of your material in one place.

The accessory to rule them all

The magnet is very strong so it works well with a Dyna or a Tempest. Perfect size to carry.

John E.
Believe the hype.

This thing rocks. Wouldn’t be caught without it. Heat sink/debowler/stash, 10/19

A place for everything

The Reload Gen 2 replaced 3 containers, a tool, and a leather loop in my storage box. They are all combined in one place.

Jon S.

Like it a lot. would buy again

End game item.

I mentioned this in my other Revolve Gen 2 review but the shopping experience with Mad Heaters is perfect. Very generous package, with extra stems (glass and wood), an extra magnet (very strong, it pulled the existing magnet off my IH!) and extra o-rings.

The Reload is end game material. Perfect de-bowler, tamper, screen setter and storage. A wee grinder attachment would be a perfect addition for a "Gen 3"? (please do this)

One thing I did notice is that the installed o-rings seemed a bit thin (the o-ring couldn't been seen when screwed down; this looked different to review images) and there was some smell still coming from a loaded section when tightened up (tbf it was LOUD "herb" ;D ). I put a thicker o-ring on and that fixed the "reek issue".

Still a 5 star review though, because this thing is the business.

Will shop again. Great company.