Titanium Tempest Kit

Primary Color: Titanium
Secondary Color: Titanium

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What's the difference between the pre-release and retail kits?

  • Leather case, box and manual not included
  • Click is not calibrated
  • Bowl screen is low quality, hard to use in half bowl setting
  • iSpire Wand adapter is included

The final parts and accessories (+ any additional pre-order gifts) will be available for purchase as a bundle for the customers who bought the pre-release kit at release. The price of the bundle will be the same as the current discount applied to the kit, so the total price is the same.

The debowler will be part of the leather case at release. The one that's attachable to the cap as shown on the picture is not part of the kit anymore and it won't be available for purchase.

In order to install the calibrated click discs you'll have to take apart the indicator within the cap and follow this installation video to assemble it. (I'm planning to make a better video before release)

A Reload is highly recommended without the leather case.

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