Primary Color: Titanium
Heatshield Color: Titanium

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Customer Reviews

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Josh P.
Absolute masterpiece

The Tempest is as good as, or better than, the hype describes. I used the MH instructions for the Wand (with the adapter) and have been floored by the results, 520-550F until it times out. Just to note, I have not used a torch with this yet. I have a vast collection of non-desktop DHVs and the Tempest is now my daily driver. The flavor and reliability of consistent OHE results gives me every reason to pick it up every day.

My cap doesn't have a click indicator (yet) with the beta version, but the VI seems to be well-calibrated even though it's not necessary with the wand. That said, I will use the VI when I want to try to squeeze a little more out of my flower with a short second heat, which I do about 50% of the time.

This device is truly a masterpiece in form and function. Pictured here is with the Rosewood stem and I can't think of a better device that packs this much performance, flavor, and beauty into a portable DHV.

The longer I use it, the more I notice subtle details that really point to how much thought was put into the engineering. I know this has been delayed way longer than anyone wants, but it will be obvious they did not want to rush it at all, in order to provide the precision they wanted. It was/is worth the wait. Well done.

Trenton M.
Amazing step up product

Small learning curve like any new product. But once you get it down you can really play around with your options. My go to has just been no carb, full airway, 600 degrees with the ispire until it finishes the full cycle. Just set it in my water pipe and have a nice slow draw.

Cleaning is very simple with a pipe brush, nothing difficult to get to, its pretty intuitive with the break down.

Only small problem i deal with is the original sleeve can just get so hot. Wood sleeve is almost a must for some folks. I just got in to the habit of using this little leather strap to remove mine.

Tempest ftw

Really living this guy. Big clouds from the beginning to the end. The visual indicator is really neat. So many cooling options to play with a figure out. Mine came in half bowl setting and since getting it to full bowl its now my #1 go to. Now I just need a reload and wood sleeve and I'll be a happy camper, thanks MH.

Phill S.
Tempest aio!

A beautiful device, literally and figuratively!! (for a change! Lol), precision unique owners adjustable style? This is the one!!

Ross W.
Next level

Love this device, can't recommend highly enough. Gorgeous to look at in Titanium, the wooden stem elevates the look even more for me, the wood feels lovely as well and holds heat better. Performance is superb, excellent taste and big clouds, with lots of air flow options, i was lucky to get a fairly accurate visual indicator with my test kit so been child's play getting it dialled in (definitely read the instructions though, wand depth is all important), can use with torch or IH, and the ability to puff on it like a joint for pull after pull is unrivalled, top marks Mad Heaters

Christian A.
Madheaters never disappoints

Anything made by madheaters is an automatic win and well engineered, no compromises.

Another banger

Dyna who? Just kidding (mostly)

What needs to be said? Portable ball vape at the palm of your hands. Has replaced everything else I own. You won’t regret it. CS top notch as always.


Just an absolute joy to use.

Lee W.
Highly recommend

Customer service excellent, pleasure to deal with. A+

As to the Tempest. Perfect in every way. Looks good, very well made and is a joy to use. With so many configurations possible hard to imagine how anyone would not enjoy using this device.

Works great with both a torch and the Wand.

Very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend Mad Heaters.

Just what I've always wanted

I own many devices, but this one really hits the spot. After a soak in iso, a quick study of the instruction page, and an easy to follow guide for the ispire wand adapter position, it's off to the races. Each bowl is a fresh blast of goodness. The airflow settings allow for a thicker faster flow on a bubbler or a gentler but sharper terpene bite without. It is an extended experience that you cannot get from any other portable device. As a person with asthma, I find that the Tempest gives me enough time to enjoy every speck of material without feeling in a hurry or being overwhelmed. Vapor pours out, a mindboggling amount, how could this tiny half bowl of material last this long or go this far? The Tempest's vapor will last so long that I can take a sip of water in between breaths when needed and still have plenty of time to go back and finish the bowl and not miss a thing.