Wood Sleeve

Color: Ebony

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Each Wood Sleeve will vary in color and grain due to the organic nature of wood.

  • Lined with stainless steel
  • 5ml wood wax included
  • Compatible with the Revolve Gen 2

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A must for any Tempest user looking to do back to back bowls

I originally got the Titanium kit with a Radiator Sleeve with Black Heat Shield, but as a person who frequently does multiple bowls back to back I found the airport on the Titanium Radiator Sleeve would get hot to the touch and I would need to put it down to cool before I could have another bowl.

I decided to get a pair of wooden sleeves both the Ebony and Rosewood sleeve, in order to try and address this problem as the wooden sleeves offer a lot more insulation against the heat of the vapour that is generated by the Tempest - a lot more that your average dynvap tip.

I was really pleased as the wooden sleeve barely gets warm after doing multiple bowls back to back and looks good doing it.

The fact that its also backwards compatible with the Revolve Gen 2 is also a win - the picture below is of the Tempest with the Ebony sleeve and my Revolve Gen 2 with the Rosewood sleeve and a Thermal Accumulator

Michael W.

Wood Sleeve

Rosewood Sleeve

Lovely addition to the Tempest, both aesthetically and functionally. Provides insulation that makes holding a Tempest far more comfortable when in use, insulating the heat within. This does of course, thanks to physics, consequently not cool down as fast inbetween bowls so cooling will slightly reduce on a back o back second bowl, but as the cooling is so good to start with, that's not a big issue. And it looks lovely too! Nice design that fits the Revolve and Tempest very well. And excellent value too.

Must have

Great must have for the Tempest. Did mean to order the Rosewood, but ordered the Ebony on accident. Not a huge fan of the look of the Ebony out of personal esthetic, really missing out on the woodgrain look. Mine kind of just looks like a black plastic sleeve.

Graeme H.

Beautiful Piece, works with Gen 2

Ross W.

Love this wooden stem, the look is pure class, feels lovely in the hand, and holds heat better, definitely my preferred stem over the titanium, will be getting an ebony as well as Rosewood, especially at that price.

Why not, it's awesome!

Very comfortable to hold even after a few bowls. Looks incredible and it's well made with an ss inline.

Michael A.
Should come standard.

I love this thing. The look and feel is an improvement in my opinion. It’s nice to hold.
The best thing about it is how cool it stays.
I can use it as much as I want or pass it around without it getting too hot.
The titanium body looks great and seems to cool the vapor more but I don’t see myself switching back.
My only problem is not getting it sooner.
Only way I’m switching this one out is if I find a prettier wood.
I really love this thing. I can use my Tempest how I want.

Rosewood Tempest Sleeve

I bought this to use with my Gen 2 Revolve, I much prefer the look of this stem to the Revolve wood options. The grain of this Rosewood is really nice and it provides excellent heat insulation that comes with such a high level of cooling the Revolve provides.